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Tuesday September 26

Presentation: Fostering a Leading Agri-Tech Innovation System in the UK

Join Innovate UK and the UK Minister for Science, Research and Innovation, George Freeman, as they lead the charge in creating an innovative and collaborative ecosystem within the agri-food industry. In our opening presentation, delve into the pivotal role of technology-driven partnerships and collaborations, forging a path towards a resilient and sustainable future for agriculture.

Indro Mukerjee, CEO, INNOVATE UK
George Freeman, Minister for Science, Research and Innovation, DSIT, UK GOVERNMENT

Opening Panel: Strengthening Agriculture from Farm to Fork
  • Recent geopolitical conflicts and energy challenges have prompted a revaluation of Europe’s agri-food policy. What strategic actions are needed to enhance resilience and sustainability across the agricultural sector and how does agtech play a role in addressing food security challenges?
  • Europe’s Farm to Fork policy has sparked action for global agricultural innovation and investment. Fostering entrepreneurship and private and public collaboration to translate research into commercial impact will be key to realising Europe’s ambitions. So how do we drive greater public investment in ag-tech R&D alongside private funding to create the breakthroughs needed for sustainable farming and future food security?
  • How are the next generation of farmers embracing innovative practices and what hurdles are being faced and in adopting new agricultural technologies and how can these be overcome?

Tim Benton,  Director, Environment & Society Programme, CHATHAM HOUSE

Gustavo Palerosi, SVP Europe Agricultural Solutions, BASF
Maciej Golubiewski, Head of Cabinet of Commissioner for Agriculture, Mr Janusz Wojciechowski, EUROPEAN COMMISSION
George Freeman, Minister for Science, Research and Innovation, DSIT, UK GOVERNMENT

Corporate Innovation: How is Sustainability Driving R&D, Collaboration and Investment in 2024?
  • What impact are corporate climate commitments and ESG goals having on shaping investment decisions and driving innovation?
  • How do companies view sustainability-driven innovation and regenerative agriculture as a source of future growth and competitive advantage?
  • How are companies broadening collaborative ecosystems by partnering with startups and research institutes to attract fresh talent, discover emerging technologies and experiment with new business models?

Jack A Bobo, Director Food Systems Institute, UNIVERSITY OF NOTTINGHAM

Rachel Kolbe Semhoun, Head of Sustainability, INVIVO
Mike Frank, President & CEO, UPL
Jonathan Halstead, Head Northwest Europe, Managing Director, SYNGENTA UK

Networking Coffee Break

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Towards Full Automation: Ag Robotics for New Farming Practices
  • What’s on the horizon for new agricultural production practices and how could robotics and autonomous systems enable adaptation to climate variability, labour shortages and new regulations on the use of chemical fertilisers?
  • How are perceptions of autonomous robotics evolving and how is this driving farmer-first automated technologies? Where are we seeing most traction?
  • What new capabilities are we seeing around automation in soil and carbon measurement? How are innovators exploring the use of AI in robotics and automation?
  • What are the bottlenecks to progress and scale? What are the economic, software and equipment challenges still to solve?

Peter van der Vlugt, Managing Director, Innovation Centre Europe, KUBOTA

Christian Jenth, Senior Product Manager Automation & Autonomy, AGCO
Stefan Kiefer, Head of Innovation in Crop Production, AMAZONEN-WERKE
Keston Williams, Chief Operating Officer, BARFOOTS

Presentation: Advancing Digital Crop Nutrition

Increasing global food demand demands smarter, sustainable farming that mitigates climate impact. Join Yara as we unveil precision agriculture solutions, integrating data and tools for climate-smart nutrient management.

Victoria Pace, VP Yara AgTech, YARA

From Data to Action: Integrating Supply Chain Transformation with Farmer Optimisation
  • In an era of abundant data, how do we effectively and efficiently connect farmers, suppliers, distributors and food companies to streamline the flow of information by leveraging digital tools and technologies and convert data into actionable insights to optimize the entire process?
  • With the increasing urgency to address climate change, how can we leverage digital tools, data and AI gather real-time data, improve traceability and optimise production practices for farmers to accelerate the transition to sustainable practices?
  • How can we shift to a demand-driven model, where supply chain activities are aligned with customer demand, patterns and preferences? What additional insights could generative AI yield across the supply chain?

Marcus Höfer, Managing Director, AGXPERTISE 

Selim Ucer, Co-Founder, DOKTAR
Johannes Sonnen, Managing Director, AGRIROUTER
Michael Clements, Director, Cloud Solutions Business Program, BAYER
Shailesh Joshi, Managing Partner – Energy, Agriculture and Sustainability, PUBLICIS SAPIENT

Presentation: How is AI Transforming Agriculture?

Join Richard De Jeu and Planet as we gain insight into the future of sustainable agriculture, where generative AI tools are reshaping possibilities, building upon the transformative era of AI-focused solutions.

Dr. Richard De Jeu, Director of Software Engineering Satellite Products, PLANET

Roundtable Discussions

Small-group breakouts focused on specific topics from the summit agenda.

  • Farm AI and Robotics: Crossing the “Valley of Death” Between R&D and Scaled Business
    Host: Eric Adamson, Co-Founder & CEO, TORTUGA
  • Future Crop Protection: Novel Approaches and Sustainable Solutions
    Host: Guy Elitzur, CEO, ECOPHAGE
  • Biostimulant Innovations: Opportunities for Regenerative Inputs
    Host: Guillaume Lefranc, Global Food Value Chain Manager, ACADIAN PLANT HEALTH
  • Precision Solutions for Sustainable Ag: Supporting & Investing in Future Innovation
    Host: Dave Ross, CEO, AGRI-EPI CENTRE
  • Strengthening the Agri-Tech Innovation Ecosystem
    Host: Katrina Hayter, Challenge Director- Transforming Food Production, INNOVATE UK
  • From Fragmented to Integrated: Envisioning the Future of AgTech Solutions for Sustainable Farming
    Host: Marcus Birke, Head of Product, AgTech APIs, YARA INTERNATIONAL
  • Traceability & Compliance in Supply Chains: Global Observation through Remote Sensing
    Host: Dr. Flavía De Souza Mendes, Program Manager Forests & Land Use, PLANET
  • Advancing Ag AI: The Digital Transformation of Agri-Food Chain
    Host: Ron Baruchi, President & CEO, AGMATIX
  • Innovating Weed Control: Life beyond chemistry
    Host: Andrew Diprose, CEO, ROOTWAVE
  • Scaling Intelligent Insights: Utilizing Data for Sustainable Practices
    Host: Allan Walters, Chief Revenue Officer, LEAF
  • Microbiological Solutions: Exploring the Future of Agriculture through Targeted Microbiome Management
    Host: Rustam Barona, Founder, BIONOVATIC AG
  • Improved Yield and Healthy Food: How do Next-generation Technologies Contribute?
    Host: Peter Eckes, President, R&D and Regulatory, BASF
  • Agtech Valuations: Mad or Merited?
    Host: Michael Lee, Managing Director, SYNGENTA GROUP VENTURES
  • Top Challenges AgTech ML Models Face & What to do About Them
    Host: Mark Bakker, Sr Account Executive, SAMA
  • Global Asset Management: Investment Opportunities in Farmland, Nature, and Technology
    Host: Andrew Dreaneen, Head of Natural Capital & Liquid Alternatives, SCHRODERS
  • Private Equity’s Role in Financing Ag-tech
    Host: Alexander Corbacho, Partner, PAINE SCHWARTZ PARTNERS
  • Simplifying Agriculture’s Transition Towards Nature-Positivity
    Host: Antoine d’Espalungue, Head of Innovation & Corporate Relations, HECTAR
  • Scaling Regen Ag: Business, Innovation, and Investment’s Next Frontier
    Host: Laurent-David Charbit, Co-Head of Private Equity Nature and Biodiversity, TIKEHAU CAPITAL
Networking Lunch
Global Growth in Genomics: Securing and Unlocking the Power of Gene Editing
  • What ripple effects can we expect following the passing of the UK’s Precision Breeding Bill? What opportunities does this open for research and companies looking to invest and innovate in gene editing? How should the UK use this platform to re-prioritise research and collaboration globally?
  • Within the next 12 months, what movement within legislation is anticipated within the European Parliament, and what outcomes can we expect from it?
  • As climate change impacts agriculture and farmers on the ground, what possibilities does gene editing offer for creating climate resilient crops and how much of its potential has been realised?
  • How is consumer sentiment evolving around the use of technology to solve climate and sustainability challenges? How are retailers, producers, and investors approaching this potential new frontier in agriculture?

Helen Ferrier, Chief Science and Regulatory Affairs Adviser, NFU

George Eustice, Conservative MP & Former Secretary of State for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs, UK PARLIAMENT
Gilad Gershon, CEO, TROPIC
Jonathan Jones, Professor & Senior Scientist, SAINSBURY LABORATORY 
Tom Greene, Sr Director External Innovation Investment, CORTEVA AGRISCIENCE
Todd Rands, President & CEO, ELO LIFE SYSTEMS

Striking A Balance: Supporting the Transition from Chemistry to Biology
  • Conflicting policies within the EU, where there is a push to reduce pesticide usage but also limited regulatory support for biological products pose a significant challenge for the growth of microbial-based products and bioproducts and biomolecules in the European market. What enforcement strategies are being put in place and what regulatory changes are needed to create a level playing field so we can support the transition to sustainable agriculture?
  • What collaborations and partnerships are we seeing across the value chain and how small companies, farmers, food companies and larger industry players work together to overcome regulatory challenges and drive adoption of sustainable alternatives?

Philip Russell, Global Account Director & AgChem Industry Lead, ENVIRONMENTAL RESOURCES MANAGEMENT

Bénédicte Flambard, Vice President Plant Health, FMC CORPORATION
Guillaume Wegria, Co-Founder & CEO, FYTEKO
Isabel Vercauteren, CEO, APHEA.BIO
Richard Fox, Chief Scientist, INSCRIPTA

Networking Coffee Break

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Start-Up Showcase

Discover four pioneering early-stage companies shaping the landscape of genomic tools in agriculture. Join us as they present their innovative technologies to a panel of experts, followed by a Q&A session covering their products, business strategies, and their forward-looking vision.

Judging Panel:
Hadar Sutovsky, VP External Innovation, ICL PLANET STARTUP HUB & General Manager, ICL PLANET
Eline Boot, Head of Partnerships, FOODBYTES BY RABOBANK 

Presenting Companies:
Cian Duggan, CEO & Co-Founder, RESURRECT BIO
Andrew Hammond, Co-Founder & Head of R&D, BIOCENTIS
Pernille Ollendorff Hede, CEO, HEALTHYCROP

Investor Panel: Reaching Late-Stage Funding: Building Commercial Traction in AgTech
  • Recent market corrections have posed significant challenges for late-stage private agtech companies seeking to raise finance, but what are we likely to see going into 2024? How has Europe faired comparatively?
  • To what extent will the growing momentum around the sustainability agenda drive investment into the agri-food value chain? What new players are entering the agtech investment space?
  • Why are so few early-stage companies graduating to late-stage funding? How as an industry can we help companies to build commercial traction? What is the role of investors and corporate partners in creating a supportive environment for innovation, and where are some good examples of this?
  • What does the future of funding look like within the ag sector and what climate-smart and innovative technologies are investors focusing on as areas of potential growth?

David Verbitsky, Managing Director, Head of AgTech & Sustainable Food, NOMURA GREENTECH

Kieran Mahanty, Investor, Teachers Venture Growth, ONTARIO TEACHERS PENSION PLAN
Patrice Sellès, CEO, BIOTALYS
Anne-Valérie Bach, Managing Director, CAPAGRO
Cian McComb, Principal, Growth Equity, TREÏS
Alexander Wiegelmann, VP M&A/ Head of Transactions, KWS 

Closing Remarks and Networking Happy Hour

Wednesday September 27

Welcome Address: Unlocking Innovation in Agriculture

Join us for the Welcome Address on the summit’s second day, where Mark Spencer, Minister for Food, Farming, and Fisheries, will lead the way in exploring solutions, strategies, and approaches for a sustainable future, driving innovation in the agriculture and food sector.

Mark Spencer, Minister of State (Minister for Food, Farming and Fisheries), DEFRA, UK GOVERNMENT

Financing Nature: The New Frontier for Business, Innovation & Investment
  • The urgency for businesses to assess their climate impact and improve sustainability will continue to accelerate with the introduction of the new Global Biodiversity Framework and the Taskforce on Nature-related Financial Disclosures (TNFD). How is biodiversity and nature being defined and how are these concepts likely to be integrated into business activities?
  • Where are the opportunities to monetize natural capital revenue streams, such as carbon credits? What would a pure-play natural capital asset class look like and how viable is it to establish a dedicated asset class now and in the future, given current conditions?

Adam Anders, Managing Partner, ANTERRA CAPITAL

Baroness Kathy Willis, Professor of Biodiversity, Co-Founder & Non-Executive Director, OXFORD UNIVERSITY/ NATCAP
Marine De Bazelaire, Group Advisor, Natural Capital, HSBC
Giulia Stellari, Director, FALL LINE CAPITAL
Karen Ellis, Chief Economist, WWF
Andrew Dreaneen, Head of Natural Capital & Liquid Alternatives, SCHRODERS

From Farm to Table: How Can Food Brands and Retailers Ensure a Resilient Supply Chain?
  • As supply chains continue to experience volatility, what approaches are being taken to mitigate supply chain shocks and improve supply chain performance?
  • How are retailers working with producers to solve the growing challenge of supply chain resiliency, and what does this relationship look like? What technologies are being utilised to create a more robust supply chain and reduce the risks associated with sourcing?
  • How are food companies thinking about their future sourcing strategies and how are sustainability targets being integrated? Where might trade-offs need to be made between security of supply and sustainable practices on farms?
  • How are policy decisions being taken in Europe impacting food security globally? What steps are being taken to support a secure commodity chain and relieve the impact on smallholder economics?

Vonnie Estes, Vice President of Innovation, INTERNATIONAL FRESH PRODUCE ASSOCIATION

Natalie Smith, Head of Sustainable Agriculture, TESCO
Judith Batchelar, Director, FOOD MATTERS INTERNATIONAL
Ashish Gadnis, CEO & Co-Founder, BANQU
Lucas Urbano, Head of Regenerative Agriculture, UNILEVER
Henry Blain, Head of Livestock, SAINSBURY’S

Start-Up Showcase

Meet four early-stage companies shaping the future of agriculture who will pitch their innovative ideas to a panel of experts, followed by Q&A on their products, business strategy and outlook for the future.

Shubhang Shankar, Managing Director, SYNGENTA GROUP VENTURES
Ananya Manna, Investment Director, EUROPEAN CIRCULAR BIOECONOMY FUND

Casey Woodward, Founder & CEO, AGRISOUND
Mikk Plakk, CEO & Co-Founder, PAUL-TECH
Morten Fjord Pedersen, Co-Founder & CEO, CLEARSKY VISION
Philipp Overath, Founder, ANT ROBOTICS  

Networking Coffee Break
Presentations: Metrics & Measurement: A New Framework to Assess the Impact of Sustainable Practices
  • What are the methodologies and tools for measuring and evaluating the impact of regenerative agriculture and agroecology?
  • How do we develop standardized metrics and indicators to assess the environmental, social, and economic outcomes of sustainable food production?
  • Data-driven approaches are key to demonstrate the effectiveness of sustainable solutions to customers and stakeholders.

Dionys Forster, General Director, SAI PLATFORM

Regenerative Agriculture: Putting Commitment into Practice
  • How are producers and agri-food companies setting out their roadmaps for regenerative, nature-positive farming that can be actioned and implemented by farmers? What corporate commitments are we seeing and what collaborations are we seeing up and down the value chain?
  • How are agri-food companies working with technology companies to build out their capabilities for monitoring, measuring, verification and reporting (MMRV)? What partnerships are we seeing and what investments are being made? How is the exchange of both agronomic and economic data being managed between producer and supplier?
  • What new financial instruments are needed to catalyse the whole ecosystem? What are the upfront costs of transitioning and what new financial mechanisms are needed to de-risk the system?
  • How are these developments impacting consumer awareness of the importance of regenerative agriculture in meeting climate and environment goals? How can we influence consumer choice in favour of regenerative food systems, to support an accelerated transition into sustainable farming practices?

Daniela Nuscheler, Partner, MCKINSEY & COMPANY

Morgan Gray, Global Food Systems Advocacy Lead, CORTEVA AGRISCIENCE
Martina Henry, Director, Agriculture Sustainability, KRAFT HEINZ
Stefan Kramis, Procurement Director Edible Oils & Grains, Europe, PEPSICO
Joanna Lawrence, Senior Manager – Agriculture Sustainability, ARLA FOODS
Claes Johansson, Head of Sustainable Development, LANTMÄNNEN

Presentations: Low Carbon Agriculture: Matching Inputs to Performance Requirements

This session spotlights presentations by visionary innovators paving the way for a regenerative and low-carbon future, bolstering crop resilience and protection. Join Anglo American, Veratin, and Yara as they provide a glimpse into sustainable solutions that unlock and optimise resources to achieve peak performance.

Collaboration and Innovation – Meeting 21st Century Challenges in Crop Nutrition
Speaker: Alexander Schmitt, Chief Marketing Officer, ANGLO AMERICAN 

Unlocking the Value of a Sustainable and Renewable Feedstock and its Role in a Circular Economy
Speaker: Ramiz Boulos, Founder Managing Director, and Executive Chairman, VERATIN

Green Fertiliser: A Crucial Step Towards Fossil-Free and Decarbonised Food
Speaker: Birgitte Holter, VP Green Fertilizer Solutions, YARA

Networking Lunch
Fireside Chat: Targeting Digital Solutions to Smallholder Farms
  • How are digital tools revolutionising farming practices in low- and middle-income countries to address climate change and food insecurity? What public-private partnerships are being created to match promising innovations and start-up companies with the challenges on the ground?
  • What challenges do start-ups face in bringing new innovative solutions to the smallholder market and how can these challenges be overcome?
  • How are farmers adopting the use of agri fintech tools and how are these providing stability for smallholder farmers and the supply chain?

Kateryna Schroeder, Senior Agricultural Economist, THE WORLD BANK

Leandro Sales Holanda Pinto, VP of Technology, APOLLO AGRICULTURE
Juan Lucas Restrepo, Global Director of Partnerships & Advocacy, CGIAR / ALLIANCE
Tawanda Hove, Senior Program Officer Digital Agronomy, THE BILL AND MELINDA GATES FOUNDATION

How is Fintech Changing the Way Farmers Engage with Finance and Insurance?
  • As agriculture continues to move towards digitalisation, how are banks, insurance providers and fintech innovators improving access to market and reducing risk in farm systems?
  • What challenges in farming is agri fintech addressing and how can these products incentivise the use of more yield-efficient and sustainable practices?
  • What investments are we seeing in digital tools and how is fintech advancing the sector by bolstering and stabilising incomes for farmers?
  • Looking globally, how are technology providers collaborating with and empowering farmers to generate actionable insights, and address data-overload?

Niall Haughey, Founder, TO GRAZE

Nick Evans, Managing Director, OXBURY BANK
Alexa Mayer-Bosse, Head of Business Development & Origination, Agro & Weather Risks, MUNICH RE
Amanda Donohue-Hansen, Partner, SANDBOX INDUSTRIES
Diego Hoter, Co-Founder & CEO, UCROP.IT
Ines Kapphan, Vice President, Data & Cloud Solutions, BAYER

Lightning Presentation: Soil Insights

Embark on a rapid-fire exploration of the current soil measurement and monitoring landscape with Stenon and Nasa Acres, offering a captivating snapshot of the evolving landscape and the promising future prospects for a biodiverse and regenerative approach to soil health.

Niels Grabbert, CEO & Co-Founder, STENON
Alyssa Whitcraft, Executive Director, NASA ACRES

Monitoring & Measuring Soil Health to Build Sustainable Farming Practices
  • How is the agricultural industry approaching the evolving conversation around soil health, and what role do farmers, the scientific community, policymakers, and businesses play in this discussion? Are we fully comprehending the intricacies involved in optimising soil health and measuring outcomes?
  • What are the latest digital innovations and tools available for farmers to accurately and efficiently measure soil health? Are the current bottlenecks related to the equipment or the algorithms and models used to interpret the data, and what challenges still need to be addressed?
  • What is the current state of adoption and measurement of soil health practices from both voluntary and compliance perspectives? What support systems are available for farmers to share best practices and engage in peer-to-peer learning?
  • As the conversation around carbon farming develops in Europe, what steps are farmers and agribusiness taking to build more soil carbon? What new technologies and farming practices are being trialled?
  • How does the EU’s stance on carbon farming relate to approaches globally? What does the future hold for a potential European carbon market?

Alyssa Whitcraft, Executive Director, NASA ACRES

Matthew Orman, Executive Director, SUSTAINABLE SOILS ALLIANCE
Ben Makowiecki, Sustainability Director and Agriculture Sustainability Lead, LLOYDS BANKING GROUP
Wouter Crul, GM Europe, REGROW AG

Transformative Investment in Climate Smart Agri-Food Systems
  • What are some innovative technologies and practices in climate-smart agriculture that present attractive investment opportunities?
  • Why is it more difficult to unlock capital in agriculture and food compared to other sectors? What are the main barriers that prevent investors from allocating funds to agri-food projects, and how can they be addressed?
  • How can financial instruments such as impact investing, green bonds and blended finance models be utilised to attract more capital into the agri-food sector?
  • How do government policies and regulations affect investment in agriculture and food? What role can policymakers play in creating an enabling environment for climate-smart agri-food investments? What policy incentives or frameworks could successfully encourage more private investment in sustainable farming and food systems?

Severine Balick, Partner, CALIBRE ONE

Alvaro Aguirre, Managing Partner, FOLIUM CAPITAL
Evi Steyer, Co-Founder, PONDEROSA VENTURES
Christina Ulardic, Partner, ASTANOR VENTURES
Robert Bradburne, Chief Scientist, ENVIRONMENT AGENCY

Concluding Remarks & End of Summit