Over 700 international agtech industry leaders came together to discuss how to fuel sustainability from farm to fork on September 28-29.

Livestream sessions started at 9am EDT, 2pm BST, 3pm  CEST. All times below stated as BST.



2.00-5.00pm Middle East Agri-Food Briefing: Accessing New Market Opportunities

Government agencies, sovereign wealth funds, VCs, accelerators, technology companies, food brands and farm operators explored the building blocks needed to establish an effective agri-food innovation ecosystem and a food-secure future across the GCC.  Bringing together leaders from Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, the United Arab Emirates, Qatar, Bahrain, and Oman, this briefing revealed how new investments and partnerships are transforming domestic food supplies, diversifying local economies, and attracting new companies to the region.

Tuesday - September 28, 2021

Welcome Address
From Ambition to Action: Making the Green Deal's Farm to Fork Strategy a Reality
  • The Green Deal’s Farm to Fork Strategy is a bold new vision for agriculture with global implications, but has it been set up in an ideal way?
  • What is happening now and what needs to change to make the European Green Deal’s strategy become real within the timescales being set?
  • What regulatory and policy environment is needed to better support the pace of innovation in biologicals, gene editing, soil health and carbon markets?

Session Chair:
Joe Lynam, Journalist & Presenter, BBC

Janusz Wojciechowski, Commissioner for Agriculture, EUROPEAN UNION
Hanneke Faber, President Global Foods & Refreshment, UNILEVER & Board Member, FOOD DRINK EUROPE
Livio Tedeschi, SVP Agricultural Solutions, EMEA & CIS Countries, BASF
Pekka Pesonen, Secretary General, COPA COGECA

Interview: Making Food Production Part of the Climate Change Solution
  • Where, and how, do growing consumer concerns about sustainability and corporate commitments to better farming practices meet farm operators?
  • How are agribusinesses investing and partnering with growers to facilitate on-farm innovation that boosts yields and revenues, while also protecting soil health and reducing the need for inputs?


Interviewed by:
Martina Fuchs, TV Anchor & Europe Business Correspondent, XINHUA CHINESE STATE NEWS AGENCY

ESG & Ecosystem Health: Advancing Sustainable Agriculture with Farmers and Food Companies
  • What is the role of agri-food businesses in building a more robust, sustainable and resource efficient supply chain?
  • Where, and how, do corporate sustainability commitments to better farming practices meet farm operators? How are food companies partnering with growers to facilitate on farm innovation that boosts yields and revenues, while also protecting soil health and reducing the need for inputs? How can ESG and other investments become more targeted towards adopting climate-smart technologies and innovation?
  • Farmers both large and small will carry the burden of a transition to a low carbon agriculture system. What impact can we expect on productivity and what incentives and rewards are on the table? Regenerative agriculture has become a byword for sustainability, but what does it mean in practice for farmers? What partners are needed to effectively fund and scale a holistic approach to regenerative agricultural practices?

Session Chair:
Tony Siantonas, Director, Scaling Positive Agriculture, WBCSD

Kate Schaffner, Sr Director Global Sustainable Lead, KELLOGG COMPANY
Arianna Giuliodori, General Secretary, WORLD FARMERS ORGANISATION (WFO)
Georg Goeres, Head Europe, INDIGO
Emma Fuller,
Director of Sustainability Science, CORTEVA AGRISCIENCE

Virtual Roundtable Discussions Hosted by Plenary Panel and Other Speakers
  • Digital crops: Boosting farm-tech innovations
    Host: Liesbeth Luijendijk, Director of Agriculture, IMEC/ONEPLANET
  • Technology translation: Nurturing early-stage innovation to commercialisation
    Host: Johan Cardoen, Senior Strategic Advisor, VIB
  • Pest Monitoring: How can crop pest detection and surveillance support trade compliance?
    Host: Julian Smith, Science Director, Crop Protection & Environment, ROTHAMSTED ENTERPRISES
  • Regenerative ag: How can we link field practices to economic impact?
    Host: Kate Schaffner, Sr Director Global Sustainable Lead, KELLOGG COMPANY
  • Circular economy: How can agriculture take a lead position?
    Host: Stéphane Roussel, Venture Partner, ECBF
  • Scaling biological agriproducts: From fermentation to stabilisation
    Host: Joanne Neary, Senior Technical Lead, CPI
  • Digital farming: Can hyperspectral imagery change the game?
    Host: Guerric de Crombrugghe, CEO, SCANWORLD
  • Overcoming barriers to on-farm technology adoption 
    Host: Ignacio Colonna, Global Director, Science & Technology, AGRITHORITY and Gabor Fulop, Farmer, FÜLÖP ORCHARD DÖBRÖKÖZ
  • Alternative proteins: What technologies are needed to make new products appeal to consumers?
    Host: Kristal Golan, Senior Corporate Venture Manager, BAYWA
  • Sustainability in livestock farming: From liability to viability
    Hosts: Karel Van De Velde, Senior Sustainability Manager Europe and Cathrin Traut, Commercial Key Account Manager, BASF
  • EU Carbon farming:  The private sector’s role in accelerating decarbonization
    Host: Mats Rosenberg, Managing Director, AGORO EUROPE
  • Carbon monitoring: Creating a standards and metrics at the field and farm level
    Host: Darren Howie, Director Business Development, Enterprise Ag Solutions, TRIMBLE
  • Collaboration: How can corporates and start-ups collaborate more successfully
    Host: Hadar Sutovsky, VP External Innovation Lead & GM ICL Planet, ICL
  • Microalgae: Innovation & investment opportunities in microalgae
    Host: Ry Wagner, President, International Agribusiness, ALGAENERGY
  • Precision spraying: How will precision spraying technologies redefine crop protection?
    Host: Nadav Bocher, CEO, GREENEYE TECHNOLOGY
  • Climate-smart agriculture: The role of microbials & fermentation 
    Host: Rosa Gimenez, Director of Global Business, Biorational Crop Protection, VALENT BIOSCIENCES
  • Driving decarbonisation of the value chain: Sustainability, digital farming, and innovation
    Host: Max Dougherty, Carbon Business Development Lead, BAYER CROP SCIENCE
  • Robotics: How is the pandemic accelerating trends towards greater automation in ag?
    Host: Timothy Shaw, Head of Research, WHEATSHEAF GROUP
  • Regenerative Ag: How do we accelerate mainstream adoption to defend against chronic drought and reduce phosphorus?
    Host: Yossi Kofman, CEO, GROUNDWORK BIOAG
  • How will an integrated sustainable supply chain be a driver of future growth and differentiation?
    Host: Matt Ritchie, Managing Director, Consumer Goods & Services, ACCENTURE
  • How are consumer trends in plant-based driving R&aD in crops & ingredients?
    Host: Stuart Harrison, Head of R&D Partnerships and Open Innovation, SYNGENTA SEEDS
Your Choice of Two Themed Tracks
TRACK 1: Sustainable Inputs & Soil Health
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Formulating the End Game for Sustainable Crop Protection
  • With traditional crop protection products under regulatory strain, what alternative products and solutions are emerging?
  • How will new approaches to product discovery, co-formulation and soil biology enable greater efficacy, resistance management, shelf life and compatibility for crop protection products?
  • What is the end game for sustainable crop protection and is there an integrated crop management system that will give farmers the flexibility they need to tackle new pests and growing resistance, whilst preserving valuable chemistries over the longer term?
  • How could the EU’s Farm to Fork strategy help overcome the barriers to biologicals and novel crop protection products? What new regulatory timelines and framework for registration of biopesticides is needed?
  • Where are we going to see more consolidation, collaboration and discipline in the biologicals market? Which companies will further emphasise biological technologies in their overall strategy?

Session Chair:
Johan Cardoen, Senior Strategic Advisor, VIB

Marion Meyer, Chief Strategy & Innovation Officer, BAYWA
Jason Garbell, Senior Director, BioAg Marketing and Strategy, NOVOZYMES
Yvonne Armitage, Biotechnology Business Unit Director, CENTRE FOR PROCESS INNOVATION (CPI)
Jamie Bacher, Co-Founder & CEO, BOOST BIOMES
Shawn Semones, VP Research & Development, ANUVIA PLANT NUTRIENTS

Cutting Pesticide Use by 50%: The Evolution of New Technologies & Services
  • With new targets set to reduce the use and risk of hazardous pesticides by 50% by 2030, precision and smart spraying could play a crucial role in reducing the use of chemical inputs. With claims that 90% reduction can be achieved, is precision application of crop protection a near-term reality for mainstream agriculture?
  • What business opportunities does this create for the industry and what partnerships and disruption are we likely to see as new services and solutions emerge? What differentiation are we seeing in the offerings being brought to the market?

Session Chair:
Maurice Geerkens, Manager, Commercial FUSE, AGCO

Aurélien Demaurex, CEO & Co-Founder, ECOROBOTIX
Sergio de Andrade Coutinho Filho, Co-CEO, ZASSO GROUP
Justin Gong, Co-Founder, SVP, XAG

How the Digital Twin is Reshaping R&D & Business Optimisation

Digital twins, simulations of real-world systems, are driving the birth of the mirrored world. How can digital twins reshape the agri-science business and help chemical companies achieve environmental, social and governance goals?

Bernd Elser, Managing Director, Global Chemicals Lead, ACCENTURE

TRACK 2: Monitoring, Measuring & Monetising
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Monitoring Carbon Farming from Space
  • How are satellites being used to develop new ways of verifying and monitoring agricultural practices at a national scale?
  • What role will satellites play in building the foundations for a carbon market?

Agnieszka Lukaszczyk, Senior Director for European Affairs, PLANET
Benjamin Koetz, Head of the Sustainable Initiatives Office, EUROPEAN SPACE AGENCY

Streamlining Data Collection and Environmental Reporting from Table Back to the Farm
  • Data collection and performance monitoring will become increasingly important for farmers in order to demonstrate compliance with carbon and CAP eco-schemes. What new realities are the farming community and food industry waking up to?
  • From on-farm sensors and IoT to new satellite constellations such as SpaceX and Oneweb, what data collection technologies and platforms are needed to solve the first mile problem in food production?
  • What cost-effective and scalable methods are available for field-level verification of farm activity? What partnerships and collaborations are needed to help automate, scale and streamline reporting to achieve a robust and auditable verification process?

Session Chair:
Renée Vassilos, Director of Agriculture Innovation, THE NATURE CONSERVANCY

Michael Gilbert, CEO, SEMIOS 
David Wilkinson, Senior Director of European Agriculture, PEPSICO
Anna Turrell, Head of Environment, TESCO
Krishna Kumar, Founder & CEO, CROPIN 

Connecting the Food & Ag Value Chain Through Digital Innovation

This session will explore the role which digital innovation will play in feeding a growing population with food that is nutritious and sustainable. From data sharing to the widespread adoption of the latest technology, today’s farms are using surprising methods to meet demand and find new ways to improve farming’s environmental footprint.

  • How has agricultural technology, data collection, and resulting lessons taken from that data, removed some of the complexity? How has it helped improve the environmental impact that farming has on the climate?
  • With data and digital tools playing an increasing role in sustainable ag solutions, what platforms can growers and producers utilize to reduce carbon footprint?

Sachi Desai, Strategy Manager, BAYER CROP SCIENCE
Jake Joraanstad, CEO, BUSHEL

Business Hours and Corporate/VC Drop in

Enter the Airmeet social lounge and take a look around.  You can grab a seat at a hosted table to meet with strategic corporates and VCs, or you can choose to be matched 1-1 using the speed networking tool. The platform re-creates the experience of informal networking that you get at a live event and the opportunity to bump into old colleagues and make new valuable business connections.

  • Markus Solibieda, Managing Director, BASF VENTURE CAPITAL
    Claus Hackmann, Investment Manager, BASF VENTURE CAPITAL
  • Stuart Harrison, Head of R&D Partnerships and Open Innovation, SYNGENTA SEEDS
  • Kristal Golan, Senior Corporate Venture Manager, BAYWA
  • Sara Olson, Principal, FMC VENTURES
  • Rubik Sommerhalder, Director, Agriculture Europe Operations Leads, NOVOZYMES
  • Markus Meyer, Commercial Director EMEA, Russia/CIS & APAC, TRIMBLE
  • Mathias Muller, Director Biotechnology Strategy Leader, CORTEVA
  • Brett Wong, Principal, ANTERRA CAPITAL
  • John Ferrari, Analyst, LEWIS & CLARK AGRIFOOD
  • Ingrid Fung & Donal Ryan, Investment Directors, FINISTERE VENTURES
In-Person Evening Sessions

For this part of the programme join us in central London as we finish the first day of the event with a live ‘in person’ start-up showcase and investor debate which will be followed by a networking happy hour. All sessions will be livestreamed to our virtual audience around the world.

Live Studio: UKRI’s Transforming Food Production Challenge

Hear how UK Research & Innovation’s Transforming Food Production Challenge is investing up to £90 million to help businesses, researchers and industry transform food production and move towards net zero emissions by 2040.

Katrina Hayter, Challenge Director – Transforming Food Production, UK RESEARCH & INNOVATION

Live Studio: Start-Up Showcase

Showcasing four emerging companies transforming agriculture. Rapid-fire presentations followed by a short Q&A with our investor panel.

Presenting Companies:
Duncan Robertson,
Founder & CEO, DOGTOOTH 
Florian Richter, CEO, MUDDY MACHINES
David Benito-Alifonso, CEO, GLAIA

Live Studio: How do we Kickstart a Thriving Innovation & Investment Ecosystem in AgTech?
  • How is the innovation ecosystem in agtech maturing and thriving? What level of activity are we seeing and how does this compare to other industries – is agtech hitting the milestones expected? What is preventing more start-ups from getting off the ground?
  • What have been the biggest disruptions in the sector and should agtech be considered as a sustaining innovation rather than a true bottom-up disruptor?
  • Which companies are truly tapping into the sector-wide trends and addressing the day-to-day challenges of growers and consumers?

Session Chair:
Louisa Burwood-Taylor, Head of Media & Research, AGFUNDER

Katrin Burt, Executive Director, WHEATSHEAF GROUP
Mark Durno, Managing Partner, Agri-Food, ROCKSTART
Christina Ulardic, Partner, ASTANOR VENTURES
Kieran Mahanty, Director, BLUE HORIZON

Closing Remarks followed by Networking Happy Hour

Whether joining us in London or online, it’s time to join informal small group chats to say hello, recap the day’s discussions and – just like at our after-summit networking drinks – make those happy ‘random’ connections with people whose paths you might never have crossed otherwise!

Wednesday - September 29, 2021

Keynote - Financing an Innovation Landscape Fit for the Future Food System

The European Innovation Council (EIC) was launched this year with a budget of over 10 billion Euros to develop and expand breakthrough innovations.

  • What is the vision for Europe’s innovation and investment landscape?
  • What opportunities do early-stage agri-food companies have to take a lead position?

Mark Ferguson, Chair, Advisory Board, EUROPEAN INNOVATION COUNCIL (EIC), Director General, SCIENCE FOUNDATION IRELAND, and Chief Scientific Adviser, THE GOVERNMENT OF IRELAND

Private to Public: Going Public the European Way?
  • Europe needs more public events and precedents to drive demand for investments in the agtech sector. So how do we create a private to public environment in Europe?  Why aren’t European companies SPAC-ing?  How do you get this started as a tool?
  • As a universal ESG framework takes shape, what will a robust accounting system mean for business strategy and long-term investments? How will ESG ratings matter in the future and how should companies be rethinking their business for long term resilience?
  • With sustainability issues being integrated into the mainstream financial sector, what new pools of capital might form around mission-driven companies?

Session Chair:
Robert Berendes, Executive Partner, FLAGSHIP PIONEERING

Anuj Maheshwari, Managing Director, Agribusiness, TEMASEK
Ken Grahame, Global Co-Head of Chemical Investment Banking, GOLDMAN SACHS
Adam Anders, Managing Partner, ANTERRA CAPITAL

Start-Up Innovation Challenge

Three early-stage companies have been selected from an Innovation Challenge set by the Syngenta team for start-ups solving for regenerative agriculture and sustainable crop inputs. Each company will have 7 minutes to present their solution and the winner will be chosen by the judging panel.

Angela de Manzanos-Guinot, CEO & Co-Founder, FA BIO
Ahsan AliCo-Founder & CEOINTRINSYX BIO
Chad Pawlak, CEOLOCUS AG

Stuart Harrison, Head of R&D Partnerships and Open Innovation, SYNGENTA SEEDS
Jacqui Campbell, Global Head Technology & Operations, SYNGENTA CROP PROTECTION

Virtual Roundtable Discussions Hosted by Investor Panel and Other Speakers

Drill down into featured topics and share your insight and expertise with a small group of delegates. Come prepared for lively discussion and diverse debate!

  • Start-ups and OEM collaboration: Creating an end-to-end journey for the farmer
    Host: Maurice Geerkens, Manager, Commercial FUSE, AGCO
  • Differentiated Seeds: Niche markets or potential game-changers for farmers?
    Host: Max Clegg, Head, LDC INNOVATIONS
  • Tech Adoption: Creating farmer and customer acceptance in real-life value chains
    Host: Marion Meyer, Chief Strategy & Innovation Officer, BAYWA
  • Start-ups, corporates & VCs: Success stories, failures & new investment strategies in agtech
    Host: Amanda Donohue-Hansen, Managing Director, CULTIVIAN SANDBOX
  • Collaboration: New approaches to underpin the next generation of ag technologies
    Host: Chris Van Hoof, Managing Director, IMEC/ONEPLANET
  • Data as a strategy asset: Data monetization across the agri-food supply chain
    Host: Bruno Meireles De Sousa, Venture Architect, CARGILL
  • Potential of outcome-based crop production business models in today’s food value chain
    Hosts: Thomas Götz, Digital Officer – Agricultural Solutions EMEA, BASF and
    Clemens von Hardenberg, Global Product Manager Healthy Fields, BASF DIGITAL FARMING
  • Food as medicine: Is there real science and where is the opportunity? 
    Host: Yorán Meijers, Associate, ANTERRA CAPITAL
  • Digital driven decisions: Importance of digital tools and their impact on the environment
    Host: Pam Bachman, Director Sustainability and Outreach, THE CLIMATE CORPORATION
  • ESG investment: How will ESG and carbon drive investment behaviour in 2022?
    Host: Monica Varman, Partner, G2 VENTURE PARTNERS
  • Biologicals past, present, and future: Can the next generation of biologicals finally deliver on their promise in ag?
    Host: Jason Garbell, Senior Director, BioAg Marketing and Strategy, NOVOZYMES
  • Ag Robotics: Scaling lab designed-robotics to meet the needs of your customers
    Host: Anne-Valérie Bach, Managing Director, CAPAGRO
  • Carbon Markets: Building trust and confidence in European carbon farming
    Host: Mark Titterington, Head Marketing & Public Affairs, Europe & Member of Leadership Team, INDIGO
  • The Innovation Ecosystem: How to nurture early-stage entrepreneurs in agri-food
    Hosts: Ali Berman Programme Officer in the Foundation Office , KROGER & Kelly Bryan, Manager, Sustainability Practice, VILLAGE CAPITAL
  • Regenerative Ag: How can we apply remote sensing to achieve scale in regen ag?
    Host: Kai-Uwe, VP Sustainability Portfolio, ADM
  • Nature & Business: How business strategies have to evolve to address planetary needs?
    Host: Iaconucci Christian, Head Group Strategy Projects, SYNGENTA
  • Corporate Investment: What can start ups and corporates learn from each other?
    Host: George Roche, Senior Investment Manager, YARA GROWTH VENTURES
  • Measuring impact as an investor: How do we achieve greater standardisation?
    Host: Lindsay McCorkle, Director, BLUE HORIZON
Your Choice of Two Themed Tracks
TRACK 1: Climate Smart Production
Read more
Presentation: Building Biodiversity Back into the Food System

Today, agriculture is served by fewer than 30 crops, with 40% of our daily calories coming from three staple crops and an erosion of genetic diversity.

  • With climate change and new diseases threatening the viability of valuable commercial crops, how do we build biodiversity and resilience back into our food system?

Stefan Schmitz, Executive Director, CROP TRUST

Seed to Table: How Agriculture and Food Are Growing Together
  • Food companies are investing heavily in acquiring and creating new products and brands that appeal to consumer tastes. From plant-based, high-protein and high-fibre, to regenerative, low carbon foods, what opportunities are emerging around specific attributes?
  • How important are differentiated ingredients and seeds becoming to food companies and will these remain niche markets or become game-changers for farmers?
  • What new business models and infrastructure are emerging to broker deals between farmer and end user? What does this mean for existing players? What are they doing to facilitate these connections?

Session Chair:
Alexander Wiegelmann, VP M&A/Head of Transactions, KWS

Xin Yi Lim, Executive Director, Sustainability & Agricultural Impact, PINDUODUO
Mark Hassenkamp, Global Head of Agriculture, LIVEKINDLY COLLECTIVE
Gil Shalev, CEO, EQUINOM
Don Maszle, Technical Solutions Consultant, BENCHLING

How Important is Genome Editing to Achieve Climate Smart Agriculture?

A long-awaited study, released at the end of April, highlighted the potential that New Genomic Technologies (NGT) and their applications have for contributing to the aims of the European Green Deal, with ambitious targets set to increase organically grown food to 25%, and reduce pesticide use by 50% and nitrogen fertiliser by 30%.
How important is gene editing to achieve the new targets that are being set?

Session Chair:

Claire Bury, Deputy Director-General, DG Health and Food Safety, EUROPEAN COMMISSION

TRACK 2: Technology Convergence and Automation
Read more
Future of Automation & Farm Equipment
  • As the agricultural industry begins to introduce greater automation to streamline operations, what exciting new developments are still to come?
  • How do leading equipment manufacturers view the short and long-term opportunities, and what new partnership models are set to emerge?

Michael Horsch, Founder & CEO, HORSCH
Finlay Wood, Director of Autonomous Technologies, TRIMBLE

Replacing the Labour Shortage in Production Agriculture

Spurred on by the shortage and restricted movement of labour, robotics and automation are set to transform agriculture and food production systems.

  • How are the advent of 5G and the convergence of AI, ML and robotics enabling this transformation to take shape?
  • Where are we seeing the greatest traction, what new collaborations and partnerships are emerging, and how do we bridge the gap between large and small companies?
  • What knowledge is moving from indoors to outdoors? How is R&D driving advances in open field agriculture?

Session Chair:
Nolan Paul, Partner, Global Food & AgTech Lead, YAMAHA MOTOR VENTURES

Monica Varman, Partner, G2 VENTURE PARTNERS
Yaniv Maor, CEO, TEVEL
Josh Ruiz, VP Ag Operations, CHURCH BROTHERS
Tom Espiard-Cignaco, President & Managing Director, CAPAGRO

How do Farmers Value Digital Engagement?
  • The convergence of agriculture technologies happens at the farm. How do farmers currently value digital engagement and where do farmers want suppliers to step up their game?
  • How are farm management systems connecting to third party platforms, and how is this ensuring cost optimisation of inputs and driving profitability?

Session Chair:
Gareth Davis, CEO & Co-Founder, YAGRO

Sarah Bell, Farmer, SCOTT & SCOTT (AYSTON)
James Green, Group Director of Agriculture, G’S FRESH

Networking Break

Enter the Airmeet social lounge and take a look around.  You can grab a seat at a hosted table to meet VCs and CVC or you can choose to be matched 1-1 using the speed networking tool. The platform re-creates the experience of informal networking that you get at a live event and the opportunity to bump into old colleagues and make valuable new business connections.

Start-Up Showcase

Four early-stage companies have been selected for the start-up showcase.  Each company will have 5 minutes to present their solution followed by a short Q&A with our investor panel.

Presenting Start-Ups:
Chuck de Liedekerke, CEO, SOIL CAPITAL
Tobias Hasenjäger, CFO, BETTERECO
Jarkko Antila, CEO, KUVA SPACE
Valeria Kogan, CEO & Founder, FERMATA

Hadar Sutovsky, VP External Innovation Lead & GM ICL Planet, ICL
Andy Ziolkowski, Managing Director, CULTIVIAN SANDBOX VENTURES

Announcing 8 Finalists Shortlisted for the Tesco Agri-T Jam Finalists & World Agri-Tech Pitch Day

The eight finalists that have been chosen to present at this year’s Tesco’s Agri-T Jam & the World Agri-Tech Pitch Day will be announced.  Sign up for the live final taking place on Monday October 18 at 4-5pm to find out which company will get a chance to work with Tesco and its supply chain partners.

Natalie Smith, Head of Agriculture, TESCO

Scaling Up: From AgTech Innovator to AgTech Unicorn

What does it take to scale up as an agtech start up? We hear first-hand from two incredible founders on the highs and lows of scaling up a start-up company and the lessons that they have learnt along the way.

Session Chair:
Rob Neill, Board Member & Advisor Agricultural Start-Ups, ENKO

Pedro Coelho, Co-Founder & CEO, PROVIVI
Anastasia Volkova, Founder & CEO, REGROW

Closing Interview: The Road to COP: Putting Agriculture in the Driving Seat
  • What can we expect from COP Glasgow in terms of new milestones for climate change policy? How will it affect agriculture and how can the global agricultural community take a lead position?

Victoria Prentis, Parliamentary Under Secretary of State, DEPARTMENT FOR ENVIRONMENT, FOOD AND RURAL AFFAIRS
Jennie Moss, Founder & Managing Director, RETHINK EVENTS

Closing Remarks
Online Networking Continues
Close of Summit

Scheduled 1-1 networking ends 8pm BST. Networking connectivity and recorded content will remain available to delegates for 1 month post-summit.