AgTech is on the rise, but despite the wealth of solutions out there, there’s a frustrating lack of connection between them. These gaps are hindering the uptake of AgTech at the farm level and preventing the industry from realizing the full value of these tools – value that could support farmers, farms, and society at large. Yara is working to change that with YaraFX Insight: a portfolio of application programming interfaces (APIs) to support farmers throughout the crop cycle.

Can you elaborate on Yara’s agricultural APIs (Ag-APIs) and introduce us to YaraFX Insight?

APIs are commonly used software intermediaries that exchange data between two digital systems – so you can think of our Ag-APIs as digital bridges for the AgTech landscape: creating connections between previously fragmented tools, services, and data.

Our YaraFX Insight portfolio means existing third-party digital products can seamlessly integrate Yara’s capabilities and crop nutrition recommendations – all of which are built on the expertise and knowledge we’ve built up over the past 118 years (and counting!). Excitingly, end users don’t need to get to grips with a new app: they can easily benefit from the improvements the YaraFX Insight APIs bring to the products they’re already familiar with.

How do the APIs bring value to your integration partners?

We developed our API portfolio for partners ranging from agricultural input providers, machinery companies to food companies, and farm-management information system (FMIS) providers. As a result, these partners can complement their digital portfolio with our industry-leading crop-nutrition recommendations, tailored to their platform needs.

Among the many benefits on offer, our solutions help our partners speed up the time to market for crop-nutrition capabilities, reduce cost and risk, improve customer engagement, and enhance their acquisition strategy.

How can YaraFX Insight support farmers in the EU to farm more efficiently, profitably, and sustainably?

The EU’s Green Deal and particularly its Farm to Fork strategy shine a spotlight on the much-needed transformation of our food system – and our Ag-APIs within YaraFX Insight are an important lever for this change. According to the European Nitrogen Expert Panel, for instance, farmers should target an optimum ratio between crop yield and nitrogen input, and Yara promotes the Nitrogen-Use Efficiency (NUE) indicator as a metric to assess progress toward reaching the nutrient losses reduction target.

With Yara’s precise nutrient management insights and recommendations, farmers can use fertilizers and nutrients more efficiently, maximizing crop yield and quality while avoiding over-fertilization and protecting the environment. By adopting a combined approach – namely, using best-in-class fertilizers in the right nitrogen form, lower carbon footprint fertilizers, and bio-stimulants, as well as upscaling precision and digital farming tools – European farmers can improve NUE by at least 20%.

How can we drive adoption of digital solutions like YaraFX Insight and make them more accessible to the farmers in Europe?

Today, the full potential of farm data is going untapped – but when harnessed properly, data can be a powerful source to create insights and recommendations for farmers, helping them make more informed crop-management decisions and supporting their operational efficiency, financial success, and sustainability performance. We believe that by enabling better integration between existing tools and breaking down functional silos – through YaraFX Insight, for instance – we can reduce the complexity of the AgTech industry and help to deliver more localized recommendations, right down to the field level.

The result? Farmers across the EU and beyond need fewer tools to benefit from more accessible, more relevant, and more accurate insights at their fingertips. In turn, our high-quality Yara recommendations can help them optimize their crop nutrition and management – for the good of their operations, the agriculture value chain, our environment, and people all around the world!

The team from Yara will be on-site at Word Agri-Tech, connect with them to learn more about YaraFX Insight.