Nine International AgTech Start-Ups take the Digital Stage at the VIRTUAL World Agri-Tech Innovation Summit

Summit begins September 15-16, 2020 at 2pm BST

How will the agri-food innovation community build a more resilient, biodiverse and healthy food system for future generations as we recover – and learn from – the current crisis?

A powerful crop of nine international agtech start-ups will take the digital stage at the virtual World Agri-Tech Innovation Summit on September 15-16, showcasing ground-breaking solutions to advance the agricultural sector.

Supported by the summit’s Innovation Partner, EIT Food RisingFoodStars, and hosted by renowned investor judges, the Start-Up Showcases are a highlight of the summit’s themed tracks focused on Sustainability; Automation & Digitisation; and Supply Chain Transparency & Resiliency.

“We’re keen to see the quantifiable value proposition that start-ups have towards their customer, and how they plan to keep innovating to remain a valuable partner to their customers in the long-run,” says Business Creation & Investment Manager, Thomas van den Boezem, EIT.

Theme 1: Sustainability

Greenback (France) has introduced the first global rating agency for cultivated soils. The researchers and engineers of Greenback have developed the first tool to measure the impact of agricultural practices on the ecological health of soils by combining soil sample data and metadata to enhance ratings reliability and predictability.

Vultus (Sweden) has developed a global scalable infrastructure that can allow any actor in the agricultural supply chain to get access, offer and leverage its proprietary fertilizer recommendations through APIs. “We are on a mission to eliminate waste in farming, through satellite-based recommendations. Today, almost all inputs are spread evenly across the field, and dosages are largely guesstimated,” says Founder & CEO, Robert Schmitt.

Soil Carbon Co (Australia) is helping farming businesses thrive by providing tools to restore carbon to the soil. The company develops microbial technology to capture atmospheric carbon on a gigatonne scale and return it to the soil, while improving soil health and allowing farmers to enter the new carbon economy.

Theme 2: Automation & Digitisation

GrainSense (Finland) has developed the first truly hand-held device for grain quality measurement. Farmers, seed producers and plant breeders will rapidly measure the key parameters of their crops in the field and make decisions that can improve profitability.

Kiwi Technologies (USA) is using a novel large-format unmanned aerial vehicle paired with a custom-designed ground support platform. The Kiwi Application System distributes the volumes of chemicals, seeds, and more required by commercial farms. With rates of up to 20 gallons per acre using typical nozzles and spray patterns, the system delivers high-precision coverage from the air.

Odd.Bot (Netherlands) delivers smart and sustainable weeding created by an autonomous mechanical weeding robot that assists in replacing the use of chemical herbicides or labour-intensive hand weeding tasks.

Theme 3: Supply Chain Transparency & Resiliency

Aanika (USA) is revolutionising how products are tracked through supply chains, bridging the gap between biology and the digital world. All living creatures contain billions of bits of information within their biomolecules. Aanika leverages nature to generate endless combinations of biological tags. Its tags are safe and edible but can withstand the harshest of conditions, providing customers with information when and where they need it most.

Connecting Food (France) is the first blockchain solution in the world to track and digitally audit food products in real-time from farm to fork, all on an interoperable platform. Founded by agri-food experts, it uses industry knowledge to map food supply chains and improve internal traceability. It also helps brands and retailers improve their external transparency via a QR code, storytelling and restoring consumer confidence in food.

Strella Biotechnology (USA) provides real-time ripeness data for the optimization of perishable supply chains. “We have identified in the produce supply chain a lack of transferable information as the product moves downstream. Generating actionable data throughout various supply chain segments will help us ultimately reduce food waste and increase efficiency,” says Founder Katherine Sizov.

The start-ups will be quizzed on the viability of their technologies and business models by seasoned agtech investors:

Thomas van den Boezem, Business Creation & Investment Manager at EIT

Stuart Harrison, Head of R&D Partnerships & Open Innovation at Syngenta

Renée Vassilos, Director of Agriculture Innovation at The Nature Conservancy.

Niccolo Manzoni, Founding Partner at Five Seasons Ventures.

The virtual World Agri-Tech Innovation Summit on September 15-16 will gather over 500 global agribusinesses, food brands, entrepreneurs, technology providers and investors for virtual networking and deep market insights. Its interactive platform features 1-1 video meetings, live panels and keynotes with audience Q&A, small roundtable discussion groups, a virtual exhibition and themed chat rooms. The platform will remain accessible to delegates for a month after the summit, for extended networking and all session content to watch on demand.

Watch the Start-Up Showcases on Day 1 (September 15) at 4.40pm BST: Sustainability; Automation & Digitisation; and Supply Chain Transparency & Resiliency.