Provivi Announces Successful Pheromone Production Scale Up at Bio Base Europe Pilot Plant

Provivi™, an emerging company using pheromones to protect crops from major damaging insects, today announced successful pheromone production scale up at the Bio Base Europe Pilot Plant (BBEPP) in Belgium.

In collaboration with BBEPP, Provivi scaled up its pheromone production process and part of its downstream processing from 10L to 15,000L. Through this process, a technology transfer package was developed to allow production at commercial scale.

“We are encouraged and excited by our scaling results,” said Dr. Peter Meinhold, Co-Founder and CTO. “We appreciate BBEPP’s contribution to this milestone in Provivi’s history. The quicker we scale, the sooner Provivi’s products can benefit farmers around the world.”

“The team ran several 15,000L fermentations followed by downstream processing with no failed batches. The ability to successfully scale from Provivi’s process to BBEPP’s facility is a significant demonstration of the technology and BBEPP’s capabilities.” Mr. William Evanko, VP – Engineering, added. “BBEPP’s partnership, expertise, and dedication saved us time and resources.”

Dr. Hendrik Waegeman, Head of Business Development of BBEPP commented, “The fast and successful scale up of Provivi’s technology at BBEPP has been the result of a strong interaction between the two technical teams and the robustness of the fermentation and downstream process. We are proud to partner with Provivi in their mission of revolutionizing crop protection.”

Provivi™ is developing a family of safe, effective, and economical pheromone solutions for crop protection. Pheromones are substances that serve as highly selective attractants for insects, allowing the control of deleterious pests while preserving beneficial insects. Provivi’s patented production method enables a step change in the cost of manufacturing pheromones, allowing use of this proven tool in high-acreage crops such as corn, rice, and soy.

Pedro Coelho, CEO & Founder, PROVIVI, USA will be speaking on the panel: Advancing Bio-Based Alternatives into Next Generation Crop Protection Platforms at the World Agri-Tech Innovation Summit.

We are a groundbreaking science-based company creating scalable, safer insect control technology that will improve the quality of life for all humans and our world. For more information, see

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