Providing in-kind seed & crop inputs as well as satellite-derived prescriptions and in-season monitoring to Ukrainian farmers, in coordination with like-minded Ukrainian and regional partners, with goal of making possible a 2022 Ukrainian planting season and harvest. Company issues call to action for additional industry, NGO, and governmental bodies to join the Support Ukrainian Farmers Coalition.

EarthDaily Analytics, a vertically-integrated data processing and analytics company pairing cutting-edge Big Data tools with proven Space technologies, announced the launch of the Support Ukrainian Farmers Coalition (“SUFC” or the “Coalition”), a global coalition of industry, NGO, and governmental partners working together to provide direct, material support to the farmers of Ukraine.

Arising from the longstanding relationship between EDA’s agricultural subsidiary, EarthDaily Agro, and Agrilab, a leading provider of comprehensive precision farming solutions to agricultural enterprises in Ukraine, the Coalition’s initial efforts have focused on providing free-of-charge agricultural geoanalytics to Ukrainian farmers spanning over seven million acres, enabling them to optimize production in the resource-scarce environment imposed by the ongoing war.

Based upon the early success of this effort, widespread recognition of the acuteness of the economic and food security challenge developing alongside the broader humanitarian crisis, and a high level of interest from a diverse set of industry partners, international organizations, and governmental agencies operating within and around Ukraine, the Coalition is expanding significantly to facilitate additional relief efforts. Drawing upon the range of core competencies of the Coalition’s market-leading participants, these additional efforts take the form of philanthropic support for Ukrainian farmers, in-kind seed and fertilizer contributions, strategic seeding and fertilization advisory based on satellite-derived management zones (SAMZ), and a growing range of support services that can be mobilized in support of the Ukrainian farmer.

“We responded early and decisively to Russia’s invasion, fully terminating our operations in Russia and focusing on the safety and wellbeing of our Ukrainian employees and customers,” said Don Osborne, CEO of EarthDaily Analytics. “Now, in the face of a looming economic and food security crisis both within Ukraine and across the globe, we are utilizing our existing footprint in the region and network of regional and global agricultural industry relationships to provide material support to the farmers of Ukraine, one of the world’s most important food producers. In partnership with Agrilab, we are in a unique position to make available to the brave farmers holding their ground in Ukraine the most advanced geospatial analytics to optimize planting and yields, with the goal of making possible a 2022 Ukrainian planting and harvest season, even amidst extraordinarily challenging circumstances.”

Osborne continued, “With the formation and expansion of SUFC, we are calling on companies, NGOs, and governmental bodies around the world to leverage their own diverse resources and unique capabilities through collective action. The needs of the Ukrainian farming community are profound, wide-ranging, and immediate, and their role in feeding the Ukrainian people is absolutely fundamental. By expanding the SUFC partner network to include the world’s largest and most capable companies and organizations and utilizing the established agricultural industry footprint and robust distribution and technical capabilities of our partners throughout the region, the Coalition can rapidly bring to bear the greatest possible collection of resources to meet one of the most profound crises of our time.”

Iaroslav Boiko, CEO of Agrilab, commented, “Any farmer around the world can tell stories about a neighbor who has fallen on difficult times only to be raised up by the collective efforts of the other farmers in the wider community, driven by a shared sense of responsibility for their greater mission of providing for the world. Through SUFC, we are seeing this familiar dynamic expanded to a global context. The ongoing collaboration between Agrilab and EarthDaily Analytics has already demonstrated that local knowledge and presence in Ukraine, paired with cutting-edge geoanalytics and data processing tools, make it possible for us to provide immediate and direct support to our agronomists, partners, and ultimately the Ukrainian farmers who are in many cases taking great risks to ensure both the fundamental food security of the Ukrainian people and also the continued functioning of a core component of the Ukrainian economy. As SUFC is expanded in response to the scale of the challenge at hand, the global network of agribusinesses and other entities that EarthDaily is engaging will not only help with the 2022 growing season, but will also provide the Ukrainian farming community more sustainable support as we continue to recover and prepare for 2023 and beyond.”

Organizations interested in partnering with SUFC or parties looking for additional information about the Coalition and its efforts are encouraged to visit the dedicated page of the EarthDaily Analytics website here.

Initial SUFC partners include, but are not limited to:

  • EarthDaily (Ерс Дейлі Агро)
  • Agrilab (Агрілаб)
  • Kernel (Кернел)
  • Eurosem (Євросем)
  • Global Agro Finance (Глобал Агро Фінанс)
  • Ukrainian Agro Council (Українська Аграрна Рада)

Ukrainian Farms

  • Agroprosperis (Агропросперіс )
  • Astarta (Астарта)
  • Viliya-Trade VolynZerno (Вілія-Трейд Волинь Зерно)
  • STOV Inter (СТОВ Інтер)
  • GK Agro Region (ГК Агро Регіон)
  • Lugove Farms (Фермерське господарство Лугове)
  • Vasyutu Farms (Господарство Васюта)
  • DP Green Energo (ДП Грін Енерго)
  • Yatran Farms (Ятранське господарство)

Further updates will be provided as additional members join the Coalition.

The Coalition’s work builds upon EDA’s existing efforts to provide value-added, agronomic insights and analysis to humanitarian organizations and other non-governmental organizations (NGOs), as well as ongoing observation of crop production and crop health in the areas directly and indirectly impacted by the war, including the major agricultural export markets of Ukraine & Russia and those global regions most likely to face acute food security challenges in the current environment.

About EarthDaily Analytics
EarthDaily Analytics (EDA), headquartered in Vancouver, British Columbia, is a vertically integrated data processing and analytics company, utilizing cutting-edge Big Data tools and proven Space technologies to provide value-added insights to the people, businesses, and governmental entities confronting the world’s most pressing challenges. Through its EarthDaily Agro (formerly Geosys) subsidiary, EDA has a track record of more than 35 years as a leader in the collection and commercial application of Earth Observation data for agriculture analytics.

In 2021, EDA initiated construction of the EarthDaily Constellation with committed support from Antarctica Capital. Following planned launches in 2023, the EarthDaily Constellation will combine with the EarthPipeline data processing system to provide unprecedented, scientific-grade data of the world every day, positioning EDA to meet the growing needs of diverse industries including agriculture, Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG), insurance, disaster prevention and recovery, commodities trading, and more.