Using robotics and automation for early problem detection: Aerobotics

Early detection and intervention is key for farmers when managing problems that may impact crop yields. Agri-tech innovators are meeting this challenge by collecting data and building information tools to provide growers with precise and timely information throughout the season.

Aerobotics uses AI and aerial imagery to provide early-stage problem detection for growers the world over. With high resolution drone imagery, the web app alerts growers to pest and disease threats on their farm at a tree-level. With this information, scouts can investigate the problem using their mobile app and log notes and images at each scout marker at insect-level. From detection to scouting and reporting, Aerobotics offers its clients an end-to-end farm management solution which saves the farmer time and money.

Aerobotics Co-Founder and CTO, Benji Meltzer will host a networking roundtable on October 15 at the World Agri-Tech Innovation Summit in London, on the topic: “AI & Predictive Agriculture: What is needed to bring AI-backed digital solutions to the next stage?”.

He will also join a panel of fellow experts, including Naio Technologies, Cambridge Consultants, AGCO, and Prospera, to discuss: “Deep Dive: Automation in Next Gen Food Production”. From precision spraying and mechanical weeding to indoor food production backed by AI, the speakers will give their perspectives on next generation food systems, with the panel on October 16 chaired by Arama Kukutai, Managing Partner at Finistere Ventures.

Watch the short video below to get to know Benji and Aerobotics ahead of the event.

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