World Agri-Tech Innovation Summit Highlights

The World Agri-Tech Innovation Summit welcomed agribusiness leaders, technology pioneers and investors from around the globe to exchange insights, be inspired, and identify future partners on September 28-29, 2021.

Check out our summit highlights below!

We hope you can join us next time when we reunite in San Francisco for World Agri-Tech on 22-23 March, 2022 for the first time in three years, as we’re set for an explosion of ideas and opportunities.


Making the Green Deal's Farm to Fork Strategy a Reality

“While it is an EU initiative, we cannot achieve it on our own. The European Union aims to work with bilateral and multilateral organisations to build resilient and sustainable food systems. We aim to develop green alliances on research and innovation, the sustainable use of natural resources and nature-based resources. Global challenges require global solutions. As we have seen with the pandemic, only an international action is able to tackle worldwide issues.” Janusz Wojciechowski, Commissioner for Agriculture, EUROPEAN UNION

Connecting the Consumer to the Farm

“We have to keep moving forward. We have to keep developing new innovations, both products, digital tools and practices that help farmers be more sustainable. And we need more partnerships to make sure that these sustainable products get appreciated by the whole value chain, by governments, by NGOs and by consumers.” Erik Fyrwald, CEO, SYNGENTA GROUP

“Very few of us have grown up on a farm and understand how agriculture works on a day-to-day basis. A lot of opportunity in making consumers an active part of the transformation is helping them to connect with what agriculture is, and what farmers’ decision-making processes are, not just for their businesses but for their families.” Kate Schaffner, Sr Director Global Sustainable Lead, KELLOGG COMPANY

Streamlining Data Back to the Farm

“We need to accelerate the development of integrated data systems to create a level of harmonisation that gives us data that we can actually use; that is robust; that helps to improve production practices; that does not overburden the farmer in terms of reporting demands; and also gives us the ability to get information that is comparable at every stage of the supply chain.“ Anna Turrell, Head of Environment, TESCO

“We’re trying to put data and insights into the hands of the farmer to empower them to make better decisions. Looking at similar fields in different geographies with the same crops, they can understand what their peers have done, helping them grow their crops in a much more resilient way.” David Wilkinson, Senior Director of European Agriculture, PEPSICO

Genome Editing

“It’s important that we have an open, inclusive and transparent debate. Consumers’ perception of biotechnology is key in terms of the take up of the technology.” Claire Bury, Deputy Director-General, DG Health and Food Safety, EUROPEAN COMMISSION

Farmer's Perspective

“What I want is technology that lets me run my business better and doesn’t determine how I run my business. We need products that add value, that aren’t just harvesting our data to add value elsewhere or to somebody else. There is a lot of partially-adopted technology because it never truly makes it to that last bit of being useful on the farm.” Sarah Bell, Farmer, SCOTT & SCOTT (AYSTON)

The Road to COP26: Putting Agriculture in the Driving Seat

“It should not be taken as a given that we now talk about ‘food, nature and the environment’ as one issue. To progress, we do need to mobilise new finance, and we need to work on developing a UN FSS national pathway that promotes healthy diets and consumption, as well as innovation.” Victoria Prentis, Parliamentary Under Secretary of State, DEPARTMENT FOR ENVIRONMENT, FOOD AND RURAL AFFAIRS

The Syngenta Innovation Challenge

More than 100 international entries were received from agtech start-ups around the world, answering Syngenta’s challenge: “Biological Inputs and Seed Technologies for Sustainable and Regenerative Agriculture”.

The winner, Locus Ag has created a soil ‘probiotic’ technology using innovative fermentation to deliver fresh, customized and high-potency microbial cocktails for effective crop and plant management.

Middle East Agri-Food Briefing

“All of us here know too well that relying on traditional food systems is not a viable option. […] We must innovate and create systems that work for us. This challenge is not unique to our region. Scientists have warned for decades, climate change is entering dangerous territory while the global post continues to grow, putting tremendous pressure on it. […]
This is where the agri-tech sector brings hope – in the UAE and across the region, we have known the climatic challenges for a long time, and have a head start when it comes to embracing agri-tech innovations and embedding them in our food system.” H.E. Mariam Al MheiriMinister of State, MINISTRY FOR FOOD & WATER SECURITY, UAE

What Our Delegates Said About the Summit

“A platform for robust discussion of topics of importance to all the players in the farm-to-fork value chain, within the context of the European Green Deal and beyond.”
Director, Biotechnology Strategy Leader, CORTEVA AGRISCIENCE

“An excellent job of bringing in a fantastic blend of established, multinational companies along with a vast array of exciting start ups, that attract investors, business development leaders, technology scouts media, etc. My preferred forum for networking in the ag biotech space.”
VP Research & Development, ANUVIA PLANT NUTRIENTS

“Great to meet the innovators and entrepreneurs making an impact in the space.”

“A rare opportunity to listen to trends affecting the agriculture supply chain today, and tomorrow, from a diverse group of leaders in the industry. As an investor, it’s a chance to hear how others are thinking about investment, industries, etc. and is a great opportunity to expand our network, in an abbreviated timeframe.”

Who Joined Us?

Here are just some of the global players and industry leaders who joined us at the virtual World Agri-Tech Innovation Summit this year:

See you next time!

Join agribusiness leaders, technology pioneers and investors from around the globe next time on March 22-23, as World Agri-Tech returns to San Francisco for the first time in three years.


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