1-1 Meetings


Download the Event App to maximise your 1-1 networking potential!

Network 1-1 with agribusiness leaders, innovators, entrepreneurs and active investors.

The app, Rethink Events 2019, is everything you need to get the most value from your time at the summit, from essential 1-1 connections to managing your personal schedule with meetings and agenda sessions.


Our networking tool means you can:

  • Connect with summit delegates in advance via messages and meeting invitation
  •  Arrange your schedule around sessions you want to attend
  • Book on-site dedicated meeting tables in convenient 20 minute slots
  • Reach out to our team to assist on-site with any queries or on-the-spot availability for meeting tables

Delegate Login:

  • Username: Your email address
  • Password: Click ‘send link’ to set up a password


  • Email us if you need help with using the app or booking 1-1 meetings
  • Call us on +44 (0)1273 789989
  • At the summit, the Rethink team at the Registration Desk can help with the app and booking meetings

How do 1-1 meetings work at World Agri-Tech Innovation Summit?

1-1 meetings take place in 20 minute slots. When a meeting request is accepted, you will be allocated a meeting table in our dedicated 1-1 meeting room.

How do I view the list of attendees?

The list of attendees is available to view under the ‘Networking’ Tab. Here you can view someone’s profile, add them to your contacts, request a meeting or send a message.

How to a view my meetings requests and messages?

You will receive an email notification every time another attendee sends you a meeting request or message. On the desktop site, you can view your meeting requests in ‘My Schedule’ and messages in ‘Messages’ both accessible in the top right corner. In the app, you can view your meeting requests and messages in ‘My Event’.

How do I reschedule a meeting?

If you would like to suggest an alternative time, simply click on the organiser’s name, where you will be able to request a meeting with them at the new time. Don’t forget to delete the original meeting in ‘My Schedule’ on the desktop or ‘My Event’ in the app.

Can I block out time in my schedule so I am unavailable?

‘My Schedule’ on desktop and ‘My Event’ in the app is also where you can view talks and events you have highlighted from the agenda. To make sure you don’t get meeting requests during these time periods, use the ‘set your unavailable times’ feature to show others when you are busy.

Where can I view the attendees/ speakers/ partners/ start-ups I have favourited?

To mark your most important prospects, click the ‘+’ button. On the app, you will find your favourited contacts and companies under ‘My Event’ and then ‘Favorites’. On desktop, you can view your highlighted attendees and speakers in ‘Contacts’, partners and exhibitors in ‘My Partners’, and start-ups in ‘My Featured Start-Ups’. These categories can be found in the drop-down menu in the top right corner on the desktop.

Why do I have a QR Code? 

When you have a valuable conversation with someone new at the summit, there is an easy way to look them up in the app.

Select the Scanner, which can be found under ‘More’ in the app, and scan their personal QR code (also under ‘More’) to instantly open up their profile.

I am also attending Future Food-Tech Summit. Is there an easy way to switch between the summits in the app?

We’ve created an easy way to switch between each summit’s meeting system in our app. Click the ‘More’ button and then ‘Back to Summit List’.

It’s not too late to join us at Future Food-Tech Summit, if you would like to top up your pass, contact Agnieszka Kuzma who will be happy to assist you.

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