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Vertical Farming

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Monday October 16, 13.00 – 18.00
Pre-Summit Vertical Farming Workshop, Tour Dinner

Hear from the leading investors and operators in Vertical Farming, then visit London’s GrowUp Urban Farms to see innovation in action.

Understanding the Current Investment Landscape for Vertical Farming

• What impact will recent high-profile investments have for the vertical farming sector? Will these validate the sector and attract more capital, or potentially divert investments away? Could the market become over heated?
• Can indoor farming operations scale at a rate that’s attractive to VCs? How long will it take them to turn a profit?
• With technology developments moving so rapidly, what assurances are investors looking for before they start investing in the sector?

Victor Friedberg, Co-Founder, S2G VENTURES and Founder & Chairman, Foodshot, USA

Identifying the Most Successful Business Models for Vertical Farming Operations

• What approaches and models are being pioneered? Are large scale systems better than smaller distributed models? How do these systems scale up? What business models are being put forward?
• Do operators offering branded products offer a more robust economic model compared to growers competing for commodity crops? To what extent are retailers willing to buy into concept of branded products?
There is great demand for vertical farming and indoor growing systems within areas of high food costs and food deserts such as Singapore, China and Middle East. What is the potential size of the global market?

Dan Schechner, Managing Director Business Development, AERO FARMS, USA

Analysing Retailer & Consumer Demand for Locally Farmed Produce

• What products do retailers want and need? At what price point are they willing to get involved to have year-round security of supply? What is the consumer appetite for local and does this have a value to retailers?
• In the US, hydroponic produce is no longer classified as organic certified. What impact will this have on brand loyalty and on the premium that retailers can pass onto consumers? How is this viewed elsewhere?

Andrew Mellonie, Category Technical Manager of Fresh Produce and Horticulture, MARKS AND SPENCER, UK

Overcoming Technology & Economic Barriers to Scaling Vertical Farming Businesses

• How can companies get the unit economics to work at scale? What needs to happen to turn businesses cash positive or are some companies already there?
• What challenges remain within the technology to deliver high yielding productive environments?
• How far away are vertical farms away from being able to produce specialty crops? What technology barriers need to be overcome?
• How are AI, new breeding tools and data analytics pivoting to service this sector? Could these solutions tip the balance?


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