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Day One — October 17, 2017 Morning

Ministerial Welcome Address

• What does the UK agricultural policy agenda look like post Brexit?
• How will subsidies and investment be directed across the industry?
• What technologies and know-how can be leveraged to build export markets and add value to the British economy?

Can Open Innovation Deliver Greater Food Security & Climate Smart Eating?

Fast-paced advances in highly technical agricultural systems and data-driven platforms using machine learning and artificial intelligence are pushing the notion of radical efficiency and creating a demand for ever greater expertise, and for the industry to rethink how they collaborate.

• What collaboration models and partnerships are being rolled out to push the boundaries of innovation in agriculture and deliver new insights and new solutions?
• How do corporates inspire internal innovation and how do they work with external innovation platforms to accelerate growth?

Fireside Chat: How are Farmers Adopting Innovation Today and What Will They Need Tomorrow?

What pain points do farmers have today? How do farmers view the technology that is coming down the pipeline? How do solutions arrive at the farm gate and what technologies are they using today?

Networking Coffee Break


Technology Adoption in Fast Growing Global Markets

What is the status of agriculture in the fastest growing economies? What technologies do they need and where are the opportunities to collaborate?

Networking Round Tables:
Delegates break into round table discussion groups, each focused on a business-critical issue within agri-tech and hosted by an industry leader – bring lots of business cards!

1. UK Farming & Brexit: The future of farming in the UK
2. Alternative Protein & Animal Feed: Opportunities for innovation in animal feed
3. Growing Your Business: Successful strategies for growing your distribution networks in ag
4. Fintech & Agriculture: Opportunities at the intersection between crop insurance and weather data
5. Future Farms: How will we be farming tomorrow? What is the potential vs the reality?
6. Food Companies: What role should food companies have in investing and facilitating on-farm adoption of innovative technologies?
7. Food Waste & Food Security: How should we be tackling the issue of food waste?
8. Blockchain & IoT: What does the Industry need to be ready for?
9. AI & Machine Learning: How are technology companies betting big on artificial intelligence?
10. Accelerating Innovation: How can accelerators best support startups?
11. Soil Heath & Microbiome: What will the future value chain look like?
12. Corporate/Start-up Intersection: Future proofing innovation through collaboration
13. Gene-Editing & Nutrition: Targeting crops to meet nutritional demands
14. Indoor Agriculture: Can indoor agriculture compete with traditional farming?
15. De-Risking Early-Stage Investment: Business models for attracting commercial partners and investors?

Day One — October 17, 2017 Afternoon

Networking Lunch Break


Presentation: Linking Genome Editing to Nutritional Targets


Breeding Better Crops for Accelerating Food Security

• Powerful new technologies and techniques including RNAi, gene-editing, artificial intelligence systems and harnessing genetic diversity have the potential to solve some of the greatest food challenges. But what is possible now and how are next generation technologies being directed to achieve useful ends? How will it change the way we eat tomorrow?
• How are smaller start-ups re-writing the model for bringing R&D to the field? What research collaborations are helping to level the playing field and speed up the time to market?
• What new investment opportunities are arising from these developments and how can regulation keep pace?

Start-Up Economy: Nurturing Tomorrow’s High Growth Investment Opportunities

• How can the industry support the emerging start-up ecosystem in agtech and biotech? What solutions do universities, accelerators and corporates offer start-ups to de-risk early-stage discoveries and attract reliable capital?
• What critical factors should start-ups be assessing in these partnerships to ensure ultimate success?

Networking Coffee Break


The World Agri-Tech Innovation Showcase: Early Stage Technology Innovators Pitch Seven-Minute Snapshots of their Solutions


Investor Debate: Attracting Growth Capital into AgTech

• How are institutional investors endowments, pensions, sovereign wealth funds and large-scale family offices ready to support new opportunities they are seeing in agtech? How can investments in this sector generate value for their assets and future growth?
• How is the capital flowing in agtech? There has been an increase in activity in seed stage funding this year, what is driving this trend and what are we seeing for later stage investments?
• What strategies are being used to support innovative and high growth technology companies and which collaboration are needed to achieve scale-up?

Networking Drinks Reception


Day Two — October 18, 2017 Morning



New Frontiers: How Digital Technology Is Changing Farming

• How quickly are we moving towards an automated, smart and connected farm? How is the sector evolving and which technologies will bring the greatest benefits?
• What collaboration, partnership and investment is needed to drive forward growth in this sector and take these systems closer to market?

The World Agri-Tech Innovation Showcase: Early Stage Technology Innovators Pitch Seven-Minute Snapshots of their Solutions


Networking Coffee Break


Data Platforms, IoT and AI for Greater Resource Efficiency

• How are remote sensing, IoT and AI converging? What is the state of the art in providing actionable insights and establish best practise in water management, soil health and waste recycling?
• How is the insurance industry looking to monetise weather data? In the future could we use crop insurance to promote more sustainable and resilient farming?
• Access to information promises to deliver new solutions, insights, innovations and collaborations. What is the potential for open source data and where are the pre-competitive spaces for greater collaboration between stakeholders, governments, agribusiness and farmers?
• What efforts are being made to establish a global platform for shared data? Could blockchain provide a solution for data sharing and faster integration?

Day Two — October 18, 2017 Afternoon

Blockchain: Smarter Supply Chains

• Is blockchain the ultimate solution for delivering sustainable supply chains? How is the agricultural industry looking to get on board with this new technology?
• With the fintech industry still at the stage of trialing new blockchain technologies, when will the agriculture industry have a “viable” path forward?

Networking Lunch Break


Panel Discussion: Monetising Soil Health and the Microbiome

• Healthy soils could be the greatest sequester of carbon. How are microbials, bio-based solutions, satellites and data-driven platforms being leveraged to develop innovative solutions and build a healthy soil environment?
• How are microbials being brought into commercial use? What strategies are traditional input suppliers using and how will this impact the future value chain of the industry?
• Are retailers looking to develop or acquire their own product lines? What does this mean for smaller companies accessing distribution channels?
• Could synthetic biology play a greater role in the future of soil health?

Presentation: Targeted Innovation for Animal Feed & Healthy Animals

• What innovations are being developed that will enable producers to move away from antibiotics?
• How is the link between gut health and the microbiome delivering new approaches for animal health and wellbeing?

Closing Investor Debate: Innovations Defining the Next AgTech Investment Horizon

• What were the dominant trends in 2017? Where were the biggest exits and who will become the biggest buyers in agtech? What new landscape is emerging and where can we expect to find the most growth?
• How are companies being valued and is there a clear benchmark for different businesses and regions? How does Europe compare with other global hotspots?
• With companies struggling to find scale and scope, where are we seeing the greatest consolidation in the market? What are investors doing about this?
• Which companies/sectors will be the ones to watch for 2018 and beyond?

Close of Summit